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Range Signal Filter

7. February 2011



In this lesson I am going to disclose a really useful technique to use with moving averages. Although I am not a big fan of moving averages as a sole method of trading: if used correctly with another indictor you can greatly increase the accuracy of their use. The main problem as I am sure [...]

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Master The Channel Projection

18. January 2011

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Most traders know how to draw a channel but not many know you can use the information used to create the channel to find possible turning points in the market. First lets look at the traditional channel. You would first identify a trend and draw a trend line. Next you duplicate the exact angle of [...]

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Enormous Profits Small Risk

28. December 2010



This particular technique requires a little practice and it is something that is well worth looking out for. I call it roofing and flooring. It is best done using a large time scale like a weekly or monthly chart and then lowering the time scale for entry. It works like this. First bring up a [...]

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High Probability Spikes

29. November 2010



Trading spikes in any time frame can be a very high probability trade with low risk relative to reward if our unique set up is followed. Spikes fall under exhaust patterns and signal that the market is ready to reverse. Traditionally the spike or ”V pattern” as it is sometimes known will reverse very quickly [...]

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Double Tops & Bottoms

25. November 2010



Double tops and double bottoms appear frequently in nearly every market and time frame and are great indicators of a potential trend reversal. I like this type of patterns as it offers a logical entry and exit point and often reaches the price objective quickly. As the name implies this pattern consists of two peaks [...]

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